Smokin & Jokin is a podcast starring Big Duke, Blackowned Cbone, Tatu, and PCPele!!! It’s absolutely hilarious, these guys touch on issues from sports to politics to everyday things happening in the Hood. Make sure you Tune in and subscribe, because these guys are sure to keep u laughing!

About Us

Tatu Hill


Tatu started his career in the music industry at the tender age of thirteen. Once he was exposed to the industry, a drive was born to be a part of it that continues today. After meeting and becoming best friends with Jagged Edge members Brandon and Brian Casey along with Kyle Norman in high school, he started his career as their Music Manager after the group’s first big break.

Blackowned Cbone


Corey Andrews, a.k.a. Blackowned Cbone, is a member of the hip-hop crew the Dungeon Family and the trio Konkrete. He has made notable appearances on OutKast’s “Gangsta Shit” in 2000, and on “Kryptonite”, the lead single from 2006’s Got Purp? Vol 2, Purple Ribbon Records’ first major release.

Duke Dixon


Big Duke aka Mr. 6fish is a Atlanta based Artist/Writer. Duke is probably know best for his role in the Bad Boy South , recording group Boyz n da hood. But that didnt come over night. After writing for several artist that range from Monica, to BBD, to E-40 and many more. Duke is a industry hustler, who refuses to be put in a box. You will get the unapologetic truth from him , each week, on every topic.



From Decatur, Ga PCP attended Avondale H.S Dekalb Center for the Performing Arts. A graduate of Ga Southern University with a Bachelor Degree in Theatre : Minor in English Lit. Work for the Multi-platinum group Jagged Edge and I’m much more interesting than these five damn lines they gave us for this bio!